Transporter Consumer Products


Click here for information on Mac OS 10.13 (High Sierra) compatibility

Thank you for your patronage of the Transporter sync and cone (serial number starting with "CDA"). Support for all of the consumer-class Transporters ended on September 01, 2017.

Since the introduction of Transporter we have offered both phone and email support, within the following guidelines:

  • Phone Support: 30 Days 12x5 from Date of Purchase
  • Email Support: One Year 24x7 from Date of Purchase

Please note that Nexsan’s web service (Central Services), which enables certain core functions of Transporter, remains in place and in fact is delivering those services to our new flagship product, Unity. The CS is a mesh-connection broker that ensures clients can find Transporters and also routes commands. The Unity product also relies on the CS for its replication (n-Way) feature.

Please feel free to refer to our vast Knowledge Base and documentation for further assistance (see links above).

PLEASE NOTE:  End of Support Matrix