Transporter Products

Thank you for your patronage of the Transporter. Support for all of the consumer-class Transporters ended on September 01, 2017 and support for all Transporters for Business products ended September 01, 2019.

Please note that Connected Data's web services (Central Services), which enables certain core functions of Transporter, are no longer available and therefore many of the transporter features are no longer functioning as expected.

The CS was a mesh-connection broker that ensured clients can remotely find Transporters and also route commands. It was no longer commericaly feasible for Nexsan to maintain Transporter compatibility for this service.

Since HW support is no longer available, Nexsan recommends that Transporter customers find an alternative solution for their file sync and share needs. This is especially true for customers that are relying on the transporter for storage of original content that may be difficult, expensive or impossible to recreate.