E-Series High-Density Storage Products

We believe every support request is more than just a case number. Our support professionals take pride in knowing who you are and treating you with respect, they understand how important the reliability of our products are to your business.


Count On Nexsan Support

Your data is important, and Nexsan Support offers customers a variety of Enterprise programs to fit your needs. Choose from on-site and remote support options or standard warranty protection.

Nexsan Enterprise Support provides your organization with direct and immediate access to our experienced team of engineers to help you minimize your operational costs. Whether you need deep technical help or quick delivery of a replacement part, Nexsan Support has you covered. That’s because of the three differentiated support plans — Basic, Enhanced and Premium — that are designed to meet the needs of most organizations, no matter their size.

With Enhanced and Premium Support Options, the Nexsan Support Team will provide up to 24x7x365 serverity-based coverage globally, collaborating with your team to alleviate complex situations.

Our support professionals are equipped with the technical expertise to quickly address any situation through both telephone and online support and will help ensure that services in your mission-critical environment are running optimally.

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