E-Series High-Density Storage Products

We believe every support request is more than just a case number. Our support professionals take pride in knowing who you are and treating you with respect, they understand how important the reliability of our products are to your business.


Count On Nexsan Services

Nexsan products are designed for reliability, serviceability and high availability. They include features like redundant, hot swappable drives and active drawer technology to ensure consistency with the highest levels of performance.

Whether you need technical support or quick delivery of a replacement part, Nexsan Services has you covered. That’s because of the three differentiated support plans — Basic, Enhanced and Premium — that are designed to meet the needs of most organizations, no matter their size.

Nexsan Services offers 24 x 7 x 365 phone and email support, firmware and software updates, and advanced parts deployment. Our support centers are placed strategically to provide follow-the-sun service for round the clock access to Certified Nexsan support engineers whenever you need help.

Service and Support Data Sheets
   • Service and Support Data Sheet
   • Service Agreement Terms & Conditions
   • Warranty Terms & Conditions
   • Lifecycle
   • End of Support Matrix

(1) Standard warranty period is 3-years from ship date for all products except for Assureon, NST2000, Unity2000 & Unity 2200, which 1-year standard warranty.

(2) Basic service level is not available for Assureon.

(3) Unless provided to address a specific higher severity issue, FW updates are considered Sev 4 for the purposes of scheduling and entitlement.

(4) Phone response time = the time from voicemail to callback.
Email response time = the time for a support engineer to review and respond as appropriate.

When contacting support, it is imperative to identify the serial number or system id of the unit for which support is being requested. To ensure proper priority, please also identify the contracted service level (Basic, Enhanced or Premium). This information will speed up the support process. Please see - How to find your serial number.

(5) From the time a HW failure is verified by Nexsan Support and an action plan and site location is confirmed.

(6) Includes EU, UK, North America, other locals based on available logistics choices.

(7) On-site engineer service does not include FW updates as this is handled remotely.

(8) Specific service appt times will be communicated in a 2 hour window and on best effort basis. We cannot guarantee arrival at an exact time due to various weather and traffic conditions outside the control of Nexsan.