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Transporter Mac App PATCH
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This patch addresses issues for those who have updated to Mac OS 10.13 (High Sierra) and wish to use the Transporter Desktop App for Mac.

After the High Sierra update, Mac users will see these issues:

1.  Users on High Sierra will not see the Transporter Library and its contents. Note that there is no issue with data loss and the Transporter Library is available via Transporter Web and Transporter for iOS, Android, and Windows.

2.  Users on High Sierra will experience continuous syncing, and issues related to files whose names contain international characters.

3.  Users on High Sierra will experience issues if they move the Transporter folder from its default location.

To fix these issues, the following steps outlined below:

1.  Before you begin – ensure you have the latest Transporter Desktop App installed.

a.  Make sure you have Transporter Desktop App version (or later) installed on your Mac.

b.  From the Transporter menu on your Mac’s desktop, choose More Options > Check for Updates.

c.  If an update is available, you can install it immediately by following the prompts.

2.  Update your FUSE Library:

a.  Quit the Transporter App.

b.  Open System Preferences. FUSE will be in the lowest row.

c.  Open FUSE.

d.  Click Upgrade FUSE. In rare cases when FUSE is not there, see below.

e.  Restart the Transporter App. Verify that Transporter Library is now available and you can see data inside of it.

f.   In some cases, your System Preferences menu may not show FUSE. If this happens:

                                                               i.  Download osxfuse-3.7.1.dmg from

                                                             ii.  Click on the FUSE dmg. Choose Core Components and Preferences Pane package and install.

                                                           iii.  Check System Preferences - FUSE to confirm version.

                                                           iv.  Run Transporter App, check that Transporter Library is mounted and data is accessible.

3.  Download and Install the Patch:

a.  Download the patch from

b.  Quit Transporter Desktop.

c.  Double click on the downloaded transporter_desktop_4.2.18.tar.gz file to decompress the content.

d.  Run the install script to install this release:

                                                               i.  Run 'Terminal' or any other GUI shell

                                                             ii.  cd to the decompressed directory 'transporter_desktop_4.2.18'

                                                           iii.  From the command prompt, type './' to run the script.

e.  Restart Transporter Desktop application. Verify the version is 4.2.18 by checking the About Box.

4.  Ensure Transporter Folder is Located in the Default Location:

a.  Locate your Transporter folder

b.  If it is not located in Macintosh HD>Users>(your username), then move it there.